Lutgen Technologies

About Us

Lutgen Technologies, Inc. (LTI) was founded by Mike Lutgen in 1996 and is located in New Prague, MN. Our first product was semen storage canisters for use in MVE’s Liquid Nitrogen containers. Since then, we have added product lines for storage and inventory of other biological products, including cord blood, bone marrow, plasma and stem cells. LTI presently manufactures racks for use in mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers.

At LTI, we understand how important it is for you to keep expenses down. That’s why we strive to provide the lowest cost for the most popular products in the industry. As the principal supplier to MVE/CHART for the last 11 years, LTI takes great pride in our fast, reliable service and providing the highest quality at a great value. We offer a complete line of canisters to fit all MVE/CHART aluminum dewars for artificial insemination.  In addition we offer several of the more popular racking systems for mechanical freezers.  We also provide inventory control systems for liquid nitrogen freezers for biological specimen storage, plasma, cord blood and bone marrow storage.

Mike Lutgen has 44 years of experience in the Cryogenic industry. He has held various positions with MVE, last serving as Chief Technical Officer before selling his interest in 1996.